Saturday, April 26, 2008

Rick Rack

I went to a wedding today and when I saw this cake, two words came immediately to mind. I mean it's obvious right?
Rick rack.
I mean, look at all the wasted years of round, plain white, wedding cakes when you could have something cool like this. AND look at all the years of wasted maternity tops with obnoxious rick rack around the sleeves and neck. What is that? Why did we have to look like I love Lucy when mothers to be, today, look like they could walk out of a fashion magazine. Why were we punished because we had wedding receptions and got pregnant in the wrong century? Life just isn't fair. Kind of like the whole ironing pillow cases thing.
I remember my grandma telling me as a young bride she was sitting on the front porch one hot summer evening hemming white cotton fabric. The nieghbor asked her what she was hemming and she mumbled "dish towels". Her face was red with imbarrassment knowing these were really diapers for her first little baby, my mother. Being pregnant, even when you were married was something you didn't talk about. Then they went right into the next century letting us tell people we were pregnant by our circus clown costumes.
I am sure the bride today didn't have rick rack on her mind when she looked at the pink flowers on her cake. Most likely she was thinking how she wanted to get out of her uncomfortable shoes, and on that plane to Hawaii, so she could work on her tan with her handsome new husband and come home to open wedding gifts.
Knowing she will never, ever have to do two things in her entire life.
Hem diapers or wear rick rack.
I can't think of a better way to start a marriage.

Congrats Kevin and Whitney.


Anonymous said...

Isn't it great that women don't have to wear those maternity smocks anymore? I still like rick rack, though. :)


Paula said...

OMG ~ you said it so well. Those circus clown costumes we wore !! Heaven forbid someone would see our belly.

Just a quick note to say how much I've enjoyed the booklet I purchased from you. It is starting to look pretty dogeared.

That cake is so cool.