Wednesday, February 25, 2009

How to Make a Journal Page from a Photo

Add all these ingredients: 1. A favorite photo taken at a friends house while traveling. 2. A conversation with a guy on the plane. 3. Recorded thoughts from from my personal journal 4. Cropping a section out of the photo. 5. Putting it all together.

It's kind of like when you put all your stuff in a backpack. There are books, music, papers, a Naked Juice, some old smashed gum at the bottom, pens, and a photo of your old boyfriend, keys, phone, right? Some of those things seem more important than others but when you add them all up, they are your life. Your portable life in a bag. A journal page is like that. It's about writing and sketching and conversations and roomates and what will I do after I graduate. But mostly if we are honest, our journals are about old smashed gum at the bottom of the bag. We carry it around with us daily, knowing it's there but not caring enough to dig in there and pull it out. It is our portable life on a page.


Gwen said...

Great page, and the post about it also. This is very helpful as a way of working with a photo in a journal.

You write as well as you photograph! Are you doing another book??

Dayna Collins said...

Lovely to read about your process and I'm loving your blog! I'm a big fan of your "play."

robin dudley-howes said...

This is great. I love the visuals.

eb said...

I am packing for a trip
and interestingly...
I pulled out your cards
to take ?
and a paper covered wad of gum
from the bottom of my carry-on bag
and visited Lara
which brought me here
the moon is waxing overhead

xox - eb.