Monday, February 9, 2009

Win a Valentine Date With This Man

What: A Valentine Photo Party
Where: On my blog
When: This Week
Why: You have to ask?
Details: Send your most creative heart related photo by February 13th and
I will post the winner on Valentines Day. You could get a possible date with
this man and for sure some mail art from me for winning the contest.


Ester Wilson said...

oo! I love your idea. a blog party sounds super fun :)

I don't have many heart images, but you can pick which you think is best, if you like...

Carina said...

Good to see your blog up and active again. I would love some mail art, so I better quick look for some images.

Tess said...

where do I send the picture too and can it be artwork? said...

yes you can send artwork to