Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Alternative to Washing Dishes

is a great site for unique things to do with fabric or alternative fabrics. Like all those dishes you didn't want to wash last night.

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Paula said...

Unfortunately as beautiful as women's clothing can be it is also waaaay uncomfortable. I've got a couple of bras that feel like I'm wearing glass dinnerware !!!

Which reminds me of a post you made some time ago about maternity clothes and how in our day they looked like clown suits. I laughed when I first read it and that picture in my mind still brings a smile.

And.........last weekend I finally decided it was time to turn over a new leaf, clean the studio and get my life back on track. I had your address for postcards and I've misplaced it somewhere.......probably stuck to a jar of gel medium somewhere in the closet. I guess I can't send a post card without an address....although I can't for the life of me understand why the entire us post office hasn't memorized the address of that crazy chick in Iowa who sends out the strange mail !!!!!!!!!!!!

I'm going to a two day workshop with Jesse Reno this coming weekend. You strike me as a Jesse Reno kinda chick.

Love the images.........thanks for the smiles. I need all the help I can get some days.