Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Living Life From the Air

When you think of Wisconsin you think of cheese right? I mean not just the cheese you wear on your head at football games but like the string cheese you buy at gas stations. It's kind of like when you think of California you think of cross dressers and traffic. Or Oregon you think of Birkenstock's or Alaska really really depressed people. But while I was eating my string cheese from the gas station (really), I took these photos and realized that Madison, Wisconsin is just a place to be.


Kim H. said...

I am about 30 minutes from Madison! This has to be close to state street! I love spring cheese, ok all cheese!

Izabella said...

oh my!!

I just found your work/ your blog from &rew's blog~ wOw!!

your art is amazing, your writings are amazing...I am so happy I found you ;)

love everything about your work! it speaks loudly~

xo ~Bella

Judy Vars said...

you're so funny, I do think of cheese when I hear of Wisconsin, I take exception to Alaskas depressed people...because you're right. LOL
I love Northern Exposure to.
Judy V.

tgarrett said...

I love reading your posts- and your Wide Open cards are a huge fav of my art students. And- I have been to the Dickeyville Grotto! Just amazing-and one of my favorite parts is are the big gates with Holy Ghost Park on them! Keep on rocking in the free world-

angeljoy said...

How cool would it be to have lunch from that vantage point!

Anonymous said...

when i think of wisconsin i do not think of cheese.