Thursday, April 3, 2008

Personalized Door Art

These are some of the door signs I made for Camp Runamuckus at Artfest. I can't believe I didn't get to go this year. There are ball chains hanging from the bottom of each one for everyone to hang their swaps, charms, business cards or whatever else they can find from their trip. At least they will get some sleep this year because I won't be there keeping everyone awake all night. Thanks Nikki for all your work decorating and bringing food, I know you all are going to have a great great time.


Suzanne Reynolds said...

Hi Randi, lol, I won't be at AF this year either but I'll remember those late nights.
Just came across your blog again, looks great. Glad you're back.
love, suzanne

laura said...

Hello Ms. Randi
I am so happy you are blogging again. I love seeing your art and you have the best shares around.

Judy Vars said...

Hi Randi,
I love your blog and artwork, hope you don't mind but I added you to my blog so I can drop by yours often.
Judy V

frida said...

love these!