Thursday, May 29, 2008

More Mail Art

Thanks for the great mail art you guys!! I just received a envelope sewn together out of a screen, tapeology, found object painting and a meaningful visual diary of deep feelings about Katrina. You guys are way too creative. Maybe this all stems from me having boatloads of pen pals when I was a kid.

A journal page from one of my smaller books. Aluminum tape, stencils, photos, sketches, found object prints, decorative tape, and journaling all make up this spread. See how I cut out part of the photo on the right and included it in the chest of the sketch? Try drawing off of your photos and don't worry about "getting it just right" whatever that means.


Anonymous said...

Wow- great art!!

Lara said...

i love the chest window.
reminds me of an early 90's animated short i saw in a film class.
i would love to exchange mail! i haven't gotten my mail art on in years it seems :D

Paula said...

I just loved pen pals as a kid. Have always had a fascination with mail. Heck, I even read all my junk mail.

angeljoy said...

I wonder where my penpal from childhood is today?
Very cool mail art.

katydiddy said...

I love the way you integrated the photo into your drawing. I'm going to play with that technique.

Lee said...

Wonderful and inspirational, I just ordered your book and from looking at your stuff am fueled up and ready to go,what a wonderful thing to inspire others to create!
I love your profile!