Friday, June 6, 2008

I Come From a Land of Seagulls

I noticed last night at my husband's softball game,
I am the only one who looks up when the geese fly over.
I still can't get used to the large
V shaped silhouettes that routinely tower over my head.
I came from a land of seagulls
who grabbed at left over sandwich crusts,
while the sandwich owners were busy with magic castles
and sloshing buckets of water.


Paula said...

Those v shapes always fascinate me.

My day job is in a very green/wildish part of town along the Rio Grande River so we see lots of birds in the surrounding fields. Lately there has been a rather stately pheasant in the field. He has a strange squawk, and I figure if he doesn't change his tune soon he'll either never get a gal or the gal he gets will be a strange duck, for sure.

We also have Sandhill Cranes and they have an interesting warbble when they fly overheard.

Keep looking up, it is often what keeps you grounded.

Funny how Seagulls will snatch up food. I left the last of my scone on my garden wall last week, it is still there. Too many fresh bugs for the catching I guess. Dang, and that scone was kind of pricey !!!!

angeljoy said...

Took me a second look to see the flying birds across your artwork.

Love poetic writings like this.

I always look up at the honking v-shapes too.

lia said...

I sent off your little envelope of mail goodies a few days ago. hope you get it soon! I would have given it to a seagull if I had known... (probably would get there faster too...) . :) Lia

Nicole said...

Someone has the same stencils as me.... ;-D I like all the elements you have on there! Neat-o!

laura said...

The geese used to fly over our roof in the fall when we lived in Ohio. One night I was sitting on the second story deck and I heard whooshing of their wings and actually felt the air vibrate as a large flock flew right over my head. One of those moments you always carry with you. Your post is a beautiful poem.

Joy Logan said...

Having found a baby goose awhile back running in traffice I know my goose is up there saying hi to me on occasion. Nice blog love your journal style!

Jeannine said...

I moved from SoCal to Virginia a few years ago and I still can't get over the geese formations - I'm still looking too!

Anonymous said...

love you creation here. I loved what Paula wrote" keep looking up, it often is what keeps you grounded". Love your blog.