Wednesday, May 6, 2009

How I Spend My Week-ends

If you really look at this photo there are several tell tale signs about which part of the country it was taken. Send in your observations and I will post them.


patty said...

Well my guess that the Iowa plate on the car says it all. Do people from Iowa even travel out of state? Then there is the big John Deere mower on the trailer, so I am thinking central Iowa. I did google "iowa strawberry festival" and came up with Farmington but I am still sticking with my original guess.

Anonymous said...

I'm with Patty, John Deere and state tags. My husband just recently shot video for a new tractor for John Deere in Iowa. How about Waterloo?

Painting the town with Barb said...

When I first look at it I thought Midwest because of the grass. They just don't have grass like that anywhere else. The license plate says Iowa; Des Moines, Iowa?

Lara said...

I love Midwest garage sale season! It's always fun to see how much I can carry back on my bike.

Stacey Mattraw said...

I want that doll!

PinkasZukerkitty said...


I believe I'll go with the midwest, but it really doesn't matter because I want the doll too.

My husband says "no" to the doll heads on sticks in my back yard, but I think it's a cool idea.

Anyway, I do believe I went to school with you in SoCal, at Hale Elementary.

Your mother was my girl scout troop leader, right?

Anyway, my name is Tammy/Tamara and no, I am not some weird stalker person.

I just couldn't believe I found your book on Amazon (of course, I have ordered it!) and that there could be any more than just one Randi Feuerhelm in the world.

"In the foothills, 'neath mountains glorious..."


Anonymous said...

Tammy Girl-Of course I remember u...pls contact me off I am in Pasadena right now..lets meet up.